Introducing Direct Optics

Welcome to our new Direct Optics product line, specially crafted to address unique measurement challenges faced by customers in the air emissions market. Our innovative dual-channel analyzer and PhoNOTM instruments are here to revolutionize how you measure NO2, NOX and NO, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Our Automated Air Sampler provides seamless and effortless resolution for precisely capturing timed sampling or pollution events.

Dual-Channel NO2-NOX-NO Analyzer – The Future of Gas Analysis

Our dual-channel analyzer, a CRDS-based instrument, is dedicated to achieving high-precision measurement.

Our patented self-aligned optical cavities allow this instrument to provide direct and continuous measurement of NO2, NOX and then NO, setting it apart from the competition. The two independent measurement channels provide for simultaneous readings and outputs of NO2 and total NOX. The result? Critical and accurate pollution information at your fingertips.

Why Choose the Direct Optics Dual-Channel Analyzer?

  • Dual-channel technology for direct, simultaneous NO2 and NOX measurement
  • Ultra-low detection for precision
  • Wide measurement range
  • Quick interference-free NO2/NOX readings
  • Fast response time (< 5 seconds to 90%)

  • Remote access to data

  • Customer friendly interface
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Numerous applications

PhoNOTM – Accurate NO2 Measurement Made Easy

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) regulation is essential for public health and the environment, but inaccurate measurements are common and problematic. Analyzers using Heated Metal Converters (HMC) often overestimate NO2 levels. Our Photolytic Converter (PhoNO) is here to change that.

The Direct Optics PhoNO precisely measures NO2 concentrations and selectively separates them from other nitrates present in the air, eliminating the issue of overestimation.

Why Choose the Direct Optics PhoNOTM?

  • Eliminate erroneous NO2 over-reporting
  • Interference-free NO2/NOX measurement
  • Direct replacement for molybdenum/ss converters
  • Greater than 96% conversion efficiency
  • Linear, stable, repeatable conversion
  • Wide range (0.5 ppb – 50 ppm tested)
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Fast response (< 2 seconds)

  • Simple installation

Automated Air Sampler – Precise Pollution Capturing

Our Direct Optics Automated Air Sampler offers an effective solution for capturing gases in response to specific events or on preset schedules. It has multi-canister sampling capabilities and enables valuable insights into pollution events and air quality measurement in sensitive environments. With its user-friendly touch screen and intuitive software, our sampler will make capturing gases simple and hassle-free.

Why Choose the Direct Optics Automated Air Sampler?

  • Modbus TCP/IP communication
  • Remotely accessible HMI

  • Automatic label printout

  • Onboard UPS

Environmental Impact:
The Critical Role of Accurate NO2 Measurement

Our products play a vital role in environmental preservation. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Nitric Oxide (NO), collectively known as NOX, originate primarily from combustion sources, posing a threat to both human health and the environment.

NO2, a potent pollutant, contributes to the formation of ozone (O3), leading to ozone-related issues. It also transforms into Nitric Acid, a key driver of acid rain, impacting water bodies and soil. Accurate NO2 measurement is essential for addressing climate change, formulating air quality policies, and improving emissions modeling. Our innovative solutions are dedicated to achieving these environmental goals.