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Meet The Expert Executive Team.

Brian Rosentreter, P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer/
Chief Technology Officer

Brian is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Calgary and a professional engineer with APEGA. He joined Global in 2003 and began his career working with Global’s founder, Glenn Sabo. Brian became the President of Global Analyzer Systems in 2007 and more recently he’s transitioned to Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer.  He’s passionate about the development of new technologies to elicit positive change in the measurement of air emissions.  With his extensive 20+ years of experience, he remains deeply involved in the industry and continues to provide leadership and guidance across all aspects of the business.

Justin Raffin


With a background in project management and an education in Environmental Science, Justin Raffin began his work with Global Analyzer Systems in early 2011. Initially involved in R&D, Justin later expanded his focus to include regulatory compliance. He became an expert in compliance auditing and documentation, helping clients build air monitoring and reporting programs in Alberta. As VP of Operations at Global, he drove the company’s reputation as leaders in CEMS production, service, and regulatory expertise. Now, as President, he streamlines and grows the business while providing invaluable leadership and mentorship to the team of CEMS professionals.

Matt Nordstrom

Vice President of Business Development

Matt joined Global Analyzer Systems in mid-2010 bringing with him ten years of Air Quality and Instrumentation Experience.  Matt is well-versed in all aspects of CEMS including analyzer operation, data acquisition systems, and government regulations. He started his career with Global as the Business Development Manager where he was responsible for identifying, analyzing, and pursuing business opportunities to grow Global’s revenue, market share, and profitability. In 2022, Matt was appointed as the Vice President, where he continues to oversee all aspects of business development and marketing with a strong focus on service and customer satisfaction. Matt also collaborates closely with departmental leaders to identify growth opportunities and develop strategic plans for improvement.

Baz Rana

Vice President of Finance and Corporate Services

Baz is a designated finance professional with a background in financial control and leadership of large global multi-national accounting and finance functions. He has over 20 years of experience and proven success in leading corporate business strategies, delivering board-level executive management reporting, and managing the treasury & project management functions of organizations. Baz joined Global in October 2022. In his current role, Baz is responsible for overseeing all financial operations, as well as leading the company’s corporate services functions. He is a hands-on leader who values collaboration and transparency and is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Meet Your Regulatory Compliance Team .

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Rienzie Balkaran

Reporting & DataStream Manager

Rienzie graduated from the University of West Indies with a Bachelor of Science and joined Global Analyzer Systems Ltd. in 2014 as a Data Analyst / Reporting Specialist. Rienzie is responsible for managing monthly electronic CEMS online reporting and facility monthly air reports, client specialty reporting such as predictive emissions for Method 4 requirements, tiered Sulphur Dioxide emissions reports (daily/hourly), Alberta Sour Gas Reports, SO2/NOx Monthly Summary Reports, Cylinder Gas Audit Reports and Quarterly CEMS Reporting.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Angela Webster

Reporting Lead

Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Brunswick. She has previous experience with Ambient Air Quality and Source Emission reporting procedures. In 2009 Angela began working with Global and has been involved with the Reporting Department as a Data Analyst/Reporting Specialist, as well as the Regulatory Compliance Department as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist. Recently she has expanded her role to include Annual Industrial Air Reporting and the Alberta Annual Emissions Inventory Reporting program.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Jerzy Samborski

Reporting Specialist

Jerzy joined Global Analyzer Systems in 2012 as a Data Analyst / Reporting Specialist and is responsible for monthly electronic CEMS online reporting and facility monthly air reports. Jerzy manages client specialty reporting such as tiered Sulphur Dioxide emissions reports, Alberta Sour Gas Reports, SO2/NOx Monthly Summary Reports, and Quarterly CEMS Reporting. He has identified numerous issues in CEMS data to assist clients in maximizing the performance of their onsite Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) while minimizing downtime.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Justyna Bryan

Reporting Specialist

Justyna graduated from Jan Kochanowski University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science in 2010. She currently holds an Environmental Management Certificate, as well as an Environmental Health and Safety Certificate from the University of Calgary. Justyna brings 7 years of previous managerial experience into her current role as a Regulatory Compliance/ Data Reporting Specialist, where she assists in CEMS reporting, as well as supports the enterprise management system implementation. She joined the Global team in March 2021.
Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Jade Elkins

Reporting Specialist

Jade graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria in 2018 and is an accomplished professional with a strong background in Geography and Environmental Studies. Jade began her career as the Environment Coordinator at an industrial site, where she quickly established herself as a proficient and dedicated expert. She was responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and managing CEMS reporting. Jade joined Global in November 2021 as a DataStream Specialist and is now a Reporting Specialist where she skillfully monitors and analyzes environmental data.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Nitin Monteiro

Documentation Lead

Nitin graduated from Royal Roads University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree and holds a Diploma in Environmental Technology from Fanshawe College. Nitin has over 10 years of industry experience in Source Emission and Ambient Air Monitoring. He began employment with Global in 2019 as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist and is currently the Documentation Lead. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Air Monitoring Directive, the Alberta CEMS Code, EPS 1/PG/7, US EPA methodologies and Alberta Stack Sampling Codes.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Emily Darragh

Regulatory Compliance, Documentation and Training Manager

Emily graduated from St. Mary’s University with a major in biological science and a minor in business management. Her educational background served as a strong foundation for her initial role at Global Analyzer Systems, where she joined in 2021 as the Documentation Specialist and Training Lead. With an impressive background of over six years in the oil and gas industry, Emily garnered extensive experience across diverse sectors, encompassing business process analytics, industrial taxation, and environmental consulting. Demonstrating her exceptional aptitude and leadership qualities, Emily’s outstanding contributions were recognized in 2023 when she was appointed as the Regulatory Compliance, Documentation and Training Manager.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Chris Levesque

Audit Manager

Chris graduated from Mount Royal College with an Applied Degree in Industrial Ecology. He started at Global in 2015 and brought with him 11 years of experience where his previous roles included Source Testing Division Manager, Ambient Air Division Manager, Air Division General Manager and General Manager of the Petroleum Testing and Analysis Division. As Senior Regulatory Advisor, Chris is an expert in compliance auditing and regulatory documentation, helping facilities meet requirements in Alberta.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Shaun Hayward

Regulatory Compliance Auditor

Shaun started with Global in 2008 and brought with him extensive experience as a stack tester, an expert in the Alberta Stack Sampling Code and the Alberta CEMS Code. He began at Global as the CEMS Service Manager where he managed and supervised all aspects of CEMS field maintenance, ensuring that clients received high-quality service and support. Additionally, Shaun was responsible for overseeing regulatory performance testing. In his current role as Regulatory Compliance Auditor, Shaun brings a wealth of experience in compliance auditing and regulatory compliance support. He is dedicated to ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met and that clients receive the highest level of support and guidance.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Jovan Jankovic

Audit Support Specialist

Jovan graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Chemistry. He spent over 7 years in various regulatory, quality assurance, managerial and operations roles in the environmental services and pharmaceutical sectors. He joined the Regulatory Department in 2021, and with his previous experience in industrial operations, regulatory requirements and industrial approvals are focusing on supporting the regulatory side of the business.

Meet Your CEMS Applications Team .

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Graham Russell

Director of CEMS Applications

Graham graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology in 2009 and began his employment in fall Global shortly after. In 2019 Graham took on the role of Department Manager, CEMS Applications where his main focus was to oversee the service department and management of new CEMS projects. In 2022 Graham became the Director of CEMS Applications. In his new leadership role, he continues to be the main point of contact between facility engineers and design teams whenever new CEMS projects occur, and oversees all technical aspects including construction, engineering drawing group, project management, and technical documentation.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Wade Tutt

Service Manager

Wade Tutt began at Global in 2023 as Service Manager. Wade oversees the smooth and dependable functioning of our clients’ emissions monitoring systems. He is also responsible for managing and growing our service team to ensure we continue providing exceptional service to our customers. In his role, he manages the service department team, which includes overseeing CEMS field maintenance, supervising regulatory performance testing, and providing client support for new CEMS construction, installations, and commissioning. Through his leadership, Wade ensures that our team is equipped to deliver reliable and efficient service that meets the needs of our clients

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Dakota Fenton

Instrumentation Lead

Dakota graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology in 2020 and a diploma in Information and Communications Technologies: Telecommunications in 2013. Dakota’s background is primarily in Telecommunications construction, maintenance and service. Dakota joined Global in 2021 as a CEMS Applications Specialist and has since transitioned to an Instrumentation Lead role. Dakota oversees CEMS development, fabrication, and testing.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Aaron Boucher

Field Service Specialist

Aaron graduated from SAIT’s Instrumentation Engineering Technology program in 2021. While attending SAIT, Aaron was active in the ISA-SAIT club as the Vice President where he helped organize and execute student ran events. Aaron’s field background was working on well servicing crew as floorhand. Upon graduation, Aaron joined Global in May 2021 to begin his professional career as a CEMS Application Specialist in the Service Department.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Mackenzie Wilson

Field Service Specialist

Mackenzie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from the university of Regina in 2016. He started working in the environmental field conducting manual stack surveys, and performance testing of CEMS. He joined Global in 2021 as a CEMS Applications Specialist. In this role he will be working in the field to perform preventative maintenance, routine checks, RATA supervision, CGA’s, and new CEMS Certifications.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Trent Davis

Data Acquisition Specialist

Trent Davis began at Global in 2015 to assist with CEMS fabrication and trained as a CEMS Service Technician. He has worked extensively in the field performing preventative maintenance activities, system checks, RATA supervisions, Cylinder Gas Audits, and new CEMS Certifications.  He has been involved in numerous CEMS installations and Mobile System set-ups. In 2021, he transitioned into his current role as Data Acquisition Specialist, where his experience at Global has added another perspective to the department while continuing to assist with new DAS integrations/projects as well as regular client support.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Michaela McGrath

Data Acquisition Specialist

Michaela graduated from Confederation College with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering and Sheridan College with a graduate certificate in Environmental Control. She has also worked extensively with in-situ analyzers and ultrasonic flowmeters performing maintenance, repair, and integration activities. In 2022, Michaela joined Global as a Data Acquisition Specialist. Leveraging her expertise as an Instrumentation and Automation Technician, she performs CEMS maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing, develops and debugs data acquisition and control systems, and conducts DataStream performance and installation activities.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Matt Steele

Automation Specialist, CEMS Applications

Matt graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSC in Electrical Engineering. He also holds an Instrumentation Engineering Technology Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2022, Matt joined Global as an Automation Specialist focusing on CEMS Applications. Matt brings to Global his expertise in system integration and automation. In his current role, he is responsible for developing control systems and data acquisition, making a significant contribution to the growth and success of the company.

Meet Your R&D Team .

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Kelly Pickerell

Product Development Manager

Since graduation from the University of Alberta in 1996, Kelly’s career has focused on the development of commercial electronics products. Kelly’s early experience taking new products from concept to mass production at leading high-tech corporations such as Northern Telecom and Nokia has enabled Kelly to quickly establish a comprehensive skill set as a product designer. Joining Global Analyzer in 2017 as Product Development Manager, Kelly is well positioned to leverage his solid foundation of skills in realizing Global’s goals to commercialize exciting, new products.
Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Charles Odame-Ankrah, Ph.D.

Senior Research Manager

Dr. Odame-Ankrah has a strong background as a chemist with a specialization in air monitoring instrument development using cutting edge technology based on Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy, system automation using LabVIEW and has extensive research experience in ambient air pollution issues relating to nitrogen oxides and ozone. Since joining Global in 2015, he has established a robust Research and Development unit tasked with creating and/or enhancing existing measurement technologies to better serve the client base of Global and the general measurement/monitoring industry.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Chris Swainson

Senior Program Developer

Chris has a Bachelor of Science from The University of York. He joined Global Analyzer Systems in early 2017 in the R&D Department where he has worked on different projects including PhoNO™. He started his professional career coding in the R&D department of Xaar based in Cambridge, England and Stockholm, Sweden. In 2015 Chris emigrated via Canada’s skilled workers visa stream to Calgary where he joined the R&D team of Zephyr Technologies, a startup making a patented healthcare system, as their principal software developer.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Sanjay Vaswani

Research & Development Specialist

Sanjay Graduated from Gujarat Technological University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering and 2020 from SAIT with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology. He emigrated to Calgary on Study Visa in Fall 2018 to study at SAIT and begin a new chapter in life. He began working with Global in October 2020 as Research & Development Technician where his main focus is on fabrication and mechanical, electronic and pneumatic testing of various projects.

Meet The BD Team.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Chiz Nwoye

Sales Director

Chiz is a mechanical engineer with a strong background in operations, business development, sales and brings over 25 years of experience in the energy sector in Western Canada, East Coast Canada, and Internationally. Equipped with two post-graduate degrees in business, Chiz being sales director, will channel his expertise in sales strategies to further build on the various Global product and service offerings in penetrating new Canadian markets and consolidating on an existing client base.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Steve Dawson

Technical Account Specialist

Steve graduated from the College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology. Steve started with Global in 2017 as a CEMS Service Technician and was promoted to Service Manger in 2020. He managed the service department team, which included overseeing CEMS field maintenance, supervising regulatory performance testing, and providing client support for new CEMS construction, installations, and commissioning. In 2022, Steve joined the business development team as the Technical Account Specialist. He is the primary contact for Global clients where he is able to use his years of CEMS and Instrumentation experience to provide our customers with expertise and high-level customer service.  His knowledge of the individual facilities, equipment, and personnel have garnered trust in the industry.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Rupi Gill

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Rupi graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce. She has worked in various industries including financial, public service, and higher education. Her most recent role was with SAIT as a Marketing Business Partner where she managed marketing initiatives for various departments and programs. She brings over 15 years of relationship-building, project management, and customer service skills. Rupi joined Global in January 2022 as the Sales and Marketing Specialist and is working with the Business Development team to support various projects and initiatives.

Meet Your Problem Solvers.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider
Loreena Hopkins

Office Administrator

Loreena joined Global in May 2023 as the Office Administrator. She is a highly skilled and experienced Office Administrator with a proven track record in optimizing office operations and managing administrative tasks. Her expertise also includes cost control, billing and accounts payable. With over 20 years of professional experience, Loreena has developed a deep understanding of the administrative needs and challenges faced by organizations. In addition to her administrative expertise and passion for continuous learning, Loreena’s contagious laugh contributes to Global’s positive and vibrant culture.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Tiffany Kelly

Office Administrator & Logistics Specialist

Tiffany joined the Global team in September 2021. She has years of experience in Management, Customer Service and Administration. As an administrative assistant for Global her primary focus is to support Operations and Senior Management and is the cheerful face representing Global to visitors in our office. Tiffany has lived in Calgary her whole life and loves to enjoy the outdoors whenever possible.

Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Saron Ghebreyesus

Bookkeeping Specialist


Global Analyzer Systems - Experts
Mike Webster

Quality & Procurement Lead

Mike joined Global Analyzer Systems in November 2020 as the Operations Support Specialist. He has 18 years of Inventory Management experience for Printer Manufacturing and Electronic Distribution companies and where his roles have included Production Management, Purchasing, Quality Control and Vendor Audits. Mike offers Operational support to various Global Departments including CEMS Applications, Business Development and Regulatory Compliance as well as administering the Global Quality Management System.

Global Analyzer Systems is the complete CEMS provider.


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